What does eye contact mean to a guy? It is the most common question among young women. Mostly, they ask this question when they fall in love or even feel uncomfortable. It is true that eye contact can deliver lots of meanings. When a man is having intense eye contact, it can be a sign of interest, hate, or curiosity.

What Does Eye Contact Mean To A Guy? Don’t Get Offended Or Overconfident!

When a guy has a tendency to make eye contact, he is paying attention. But, attention can lead to various purposes. First, he is interested. Second, he is upset. As simple as that.

So, ladies, when a guy that you once met was having eye contact for minutes, then you can be sure that he is interested in what you were saying. Of course, it wasn’t always the sign of falling in love though it might happen later. At least, the guy was showing an attraction.

What’s next? If the guy has the chance to meet you again, then he won’t hesitate to have further conversation. For sure, you should also avoid any conversation that might lead to an uncomfortable feeling.  For a man, a second chance to meet a similar woman is just a coincidence.

It is recommended to make a smooth movement if you are interested.  Having eye contact can develop an attraction. A man feels secure and warm to have intense eye contact and a smile. It is more than just enough to give a strong impression.

Any Sign Of A Man Who Is Falling In Love After Eye Contact?

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Well, let’s say that you feel sure that he is attracted to you. Let’s make a test. First things first, a man is a ‘straight’ creature.  When he is not interested, then he will show it right away, and vice versa.

A man, who is willing to make eye contact with you for more than eight seconds, is 90% attracted to you. On the other hand, if his willingness to make eye contact is less than five seconds, then you can just walk away. He won’t feel awkward when you’re upset about this.

Showing Off

Yes, a guy still can maintain eye contact for covering his low esteem. It may sound silly, but some guys want to show off their power over women. This is particularly when they are talking to women with low self-confidence. Beware that it can be somewhat dangerous because it can lead to intimidation.

How to deal with this kind of guy? First of all, don’t get nervous. If it happens to you, you can just cut off the eye contact. Answer each question shortly and don’t speak any word that may lead to further conversation. If it is possible, then it is best to leave him right away.

Eye Contact and Honesty; Do They Still Relevant?

You might feel upset when a guy is not showing any interest in what you are saying and doing. Most of the time, a man doesn’t know whether a woman is upset or not if she is not telling him the truth. The fact is that you can let him know truthfully by making eye contact with him. This is particularly when you feel sure that he is lying to you.

It is not a secret that eye contact can reveal honesty. Asking for honesty for a guy can be as simple as having a conversation through deep eye contact. Nothing works best than eye contact for knowing the truth. Of course, eye contact still can’t reveal what’s exactly on his mind. But, at least, you can be sure whether he is being honest or not. 


This is very common.  But, flirting through eye contact is easy to notice. It depends on how you take this. When you’re fine with it, then you can go on.

But, if you feel offended, then you can just finish the conversation and stop the eye contact. Don’t worry, a flirting guy never involves a deep feeling. And he won’t have any tendency to have a serious relationship with you.


What does eye contact mean to a guy, then? For almost all men, eye contact is a sign of attraction.  A man can be attracted to a woman and build a serious relationship. Or, he is attracted to flirt with her.