If you often make presentations for school projects, then you will realize why eye contact is important. When we are presenting a school project material, we need to increase our influence on the audience. The things we need to do are distract the audience to be more focused, persuade the audience to like us more, and get us full support.

All of these things can be achieved by direct and continuous eye contact at one time. Duh, seriously, something like that is really hard! Take it, easy guys, we can see the following tips!

Why Is An Eye Contact Important And How To Train It

Of course, you have been wondering, how can eye contact be used to achieve the things we want to get in the presentation of school work? You must understand that just like studying, this kind of thing also has to be practiced every day. Don’t feel discouraged just yet, the practice isn’t that hard!

All you need to do is get started! Research, presented by the journal Environment and Behavior, shows that even eye contact with cartoon characters in cereal packs can build strong connections. Therefore, if you want to maintain a relationship with your audience, look them in the eye one by one, including your teachers and classmates.

Then how to practice and what is the importance of eye contact? Here are the points:

Focus on your eyes to help you fully concentrate! If you leave your eyes everywhere, the brain will catch a variety of random and strange images. This will slow down your concentration.

If you don’t look at your audience, you will appear insecure, lack dignity, and look unpromising.

By not keeping people’s eyes, they also become lazy to pay attention to you. And if they are lazy like that, they will not listen to what you say.

When you look into the eyes of the audience, they will be excited to see you too, so they will also have the opportunity to give you the feedback you need!

The eye contact you make will convey confidence, so keep the intensity of your eye contact. Practice looking in mirrors, objects around your room, using dolls if necessary, and enlist the help of your family members!

At the beginning of practice, you may feel strange and crazy. But this is normal. You only need to find more references by watching various videos on the internet or even light vlogs. It will give you the strength to gain your confidence.

Even though it seems like one-way communication, you have to start studying the facial expressions displayed by your audience. Whether it’s an intense gaze, a frown, or a skeptical gaze, all of these are useful ingredients for future introspection. This is an invisible conversation!


When you stare at someone for a matter of three to five seconds, you will slow down your voice, which will be a more confident thing. An example is Barack Obama who is famous for his very effective orator technique.

Looking into someone’s eyes might feel awkward at first if you’re not used to it. But it is useful for making your presentation smooth and getting empathy and useful feedback. By continuing to practice, you will feel the benefits of why is eye contact important.