Can’t make eye contact during a conversation? Here’s the guide that is suitable for you! If you have had difficulty looking the other person in the eye during a conversation, you don’t need to be sad yourself. This article will tell you what helps overcome this and keep you calm when chatting. Take a deep breath and listen on, yes!

Can’t Make Eye Contact During Conversation? Here’s The Guide For Calming Down!

Did you know that eye contact that feels awkward to make can occur when you are feeling anxious? Also known as eye contact anxiety, it will seriously disrupt your social relationships in society.

As we know, to make friends and be surrounded by good friends, we must be able to be friendly. How can we be friends if we are unable to make eye contact? You are not alone in this, as many people feel anxious and socially embarrassed to communicate.

Anxious eye contact can occur because someone experiences discomfort when making face-to-face meetings. This happens when they begin to avoid eye contact and look away. Yet this makes him even more judged and that is what they don’t want. If we are in this position, we will become more and more socially withdrawn, right?

Paying attention to the intensity of eye contact is an important skill that will allow you to reap many benefits in society. Starting from healthy friendships, good relationships with parents, teachers, and even girlfriends, and networking. You can learn to improve these skills and relieve anxiety during a conversation in two stages:

  • Reducing Anxiety during Conversation.
  • Improve Skills and Maintain Them.

Reducing Anxiety During Conversation

Don’t worry if you feel anxious when hanging out with or chatting with someone, because not all anxiety is diagnosed as a mental disorder. However, if you want to reduce that anxiety, you can do it gradually. Tolerance is an important thing that has to be built more and more over time. This will help reduce anxiety and discomfort on their own.

What does that mean? Start having conversations with the people closest to you who you have tolerated high, such as siblings, parents, or close friends. Suppose they have other roles such as a foreign friend or teacher and so on. Roleplay like a drama!

Not sure if you can ask other people for help? Do not worry! Start by taking time for yourself and practicing eye contact in front of a mirror, with characters in online videos, on television, on video calls, and much more. Don’t put too much weight on your shoulders! Start whenever you feel calm and don’t rush!

If all these methods still feel overwhelming, start to practice breathing. By slowing down your breathing, your heart will beat more slowly and regularly, so you will be much calmer!

Improve Skills And Maintain Them

When you dare to talk privately with someone, you can maintain this sense of comfort. To maintain the intensity of eye contact, choose a place where the eye is between the other person’s eyes. If it feels strange, take a quick look to relax your feelings, then start again. Gradually you will find a natural style so you don’t look too nervous.

It is okay to look away now and then as long as the context is friendly and doesn’t cut the conversation. You must also feel uncomfortable when someone looks at you continuously, right?

By applying these two stages, you will gain the ability to communicate well. Even though at first you felt that you couldn’t make eye contact during the conversation? Here’s the guide to help you feel comfortable and connected with the other person.