Guys, have you ever felt awkward and asked yourself does eye contact always mean attraction? Don’t be nervous just yet, because this time we will learn more about the meaning of eye contact. What are some of its meanings and uses? Listen carefully!

Eye contact is an activity that occurs when two individuals look at each other’s eyes at the same time. Humans make human contact as a form of communication. Why is that? Because in fact, communication consists of two ways, namely verbal and nonverbal. In this case, without saying anything meant or nonverbally, humans can still convey messages with body movements.

This body movement is very influential on social behavior. This term, which comes from the West, was coined in the early-mid of the 1960s. Eye contact means many things and involves customs, religions, and social habits that vary widely in each community. Wow, don’t get us wrong! Let’s learn more!

Does Eye Contact Always Mean Attraction And Its Effects

As we mentioned a little above, eye contact is a non-verbal way of communication. So, the goal is to convey messages, information, and emotions. Besides, facial expressions complement eye contact. What may happen is accidental sudden eye contact which can be either positive or negative. Ouch, isn’t this what often makes us misunderstand? In various contexts, the eyes that meet, whether intentionally or not, can spark emotional strength. During the conversation, eye contact can convey emotions, give details, and the meaning of your intentions.

Apart from showing interest in someone, eye contact can also indirectly serve the opposite. Don’t even think about doing this: if you don’t involve one of your friends with eye contact in the middle of a friendship gathering, then this could lead to strife. That person may feel left out. This also often happens when you are in a cold war with friends or siblings. Also, when we are in a new place, such as a crowd, we may try to avoid making eye contact with other people. This gives effects that we are safeguarding our privacy.

More Meanings

Do you realize that while chatting with someone, you sometimes look shy in the eye? Even though our interlocutors might expect it. This awkward eye contact cannot be separated from the influence of culture and religion. Eye contact occurs even when we haven’t realized we do and need it. You guys forgot what happened since we were babies, right?

However, research since 1996 shows that babies smile less if the adults around them make less eye contact. In the early years of a growing baby, he learns everything faster than anyone else’s behavior. A healthy baby will be happier with a face that stares at his face frequently too. As he grows up, he will learn to adjust eye contact according to prevailing social, cultural, and religious attitudes. Parents’ education during infancy and the environment also gives different meanings to eye contact for each person. Some parents may forbid their kids from doing direct eye contact to teach them about respect for older people. Then do eye contact always means attraction has been answered with many things, such as providing messages, information, intentions, isolating people, protecting personal privacy, showing love and affection, and respect.