Cat eye contact meaning can be various. Most humans take this for granted. Cat owners only think that their cats just need a caress and a bowl of food when their cats are making eye contact. As a matter, there are several ways of understanding the cat’s eye contact. 

Owners should also be aware of when their cat making eye contact with another cat. It can be a sign of ‘love’ or ‘hate’. Even the cat’s different pupil sizes can mean something. As a matter of fact, understanding the eye expression of a cat is very easy. 

The Significance Of Cat Eye Contact Meaning 

When cats making eye contact, it is not always a sign of a warm, welcome feeling. It is easy to notice when a person is seeing a stray cat in the street. It will stare at the human very close and sharp. It is not that the cat needs attention. It shows its awareness.

A staring cat is worried about what humans will do. It happens mostly when the stray cat once was abused previously. It will stare at the human, even if the human doesn’t pay any attention to it. It will stop staring when the human is pretty far from it. 

The eye contact between cats can also bring lots of meaning. But, it is much easier to understand. When two cats are staring at each other with their pupils are narrowed, they show their waves of anger or aggression. This is particularly when their ears are erecting. 

Pupils can speak a thousand words. When they are dilated, it is a sign of fear, especially with ears are held down. When a cat fears another, it will avoid further eye contact, while it will murmur for several seconds. Staring directly at another cat means aggressiveness. 

How Cat Is Expressing Feeling To Owners Through The Eye Contact 

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Cat Eye Contact

Staring is not always the expression of fear or anger. A cat who is staring at its owner may want to ask for attention. This is particularly in the morning when the cat is hungry. But, the eye expression is much more relaxed than the time when it staring at another cat. 

When a cat keeps meowing and making eye contact with several winks, then the cat wants to have quality time with the owner. A cat is feeling relaxed when the whiskers are less stretched. Unlike a dog, a cat may not show its expression too much. 

A cat may take a short glance at its owner. But, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t care. Sometimes, an owner thinks that the cat ignores the owner’s existence. The cat just feels secure that it has seen its owner. Yet, it will continue its nap time. 

Most humans think that a cat is not that attentive as a dog. It is not surprising that a dog can really feel what its owner feels. A cat may have this kind of sensitivity too. Some cats show their ‘sympathy’ by sleeping near the owner. Yet, it may not show any eye contact at all. 

A Stray Cat Vs Domesticated Cat

Believe it or not, eye contact between a stray cat and a domesticated cat may reveal different meanings. A domesticated cat, which may be the only pet in the house, may not show anger and aggressiveness when it stares at its owner. Most of the time, the cat is very hungry or need strong attention. This is why it is always recommended to avoid a domesticated cat in seeing a stray cat.  

The main reason why a domesticated cat often stares at its owner is mostly that the owner gives a good response to it. For sure, any domesticated cat may find trouble when it encounters any stray cat. Blinking, staring, dilated pupils are among several signs that cats show. There can be some misunderstandings that may occur. 

It is interesting to notice that the cat’s eye contact meaning can be different, based on the cat’s inhabitant. For cat owners, it is much easier to understand their cats much better and build a good relationship for the sake of their emotional wellbeing. By having a cat, an owner should not expect too much because cats are not as expressive as dogs, even if they really care about the owner.